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Remittance Fees

Remittance Charges for Philippines

Remittance Amount Fees
1 Yen − 10,000 Yen 480 Yen
10,001 Yen − 30,000 Yen 720 Yen
30,001 Yen − 50,000 Yen 970 Yen
50,001 Yen − The Maximum Remittance amount * 1,400 Yen

Remittance made to the following countries:

China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia

Remittance Amount Fees
1 Yen − 30,000 Yen 880 Yen
30,001 Yen − 250,000 Yen 1,480 Yen
250,001 Yen − The Maximum Remittance amount * 1,980 Yen

Remittance made to countries not listed above:

Remittance Amount Fees
1 Yen − 15,000 Yen 880 Yen
15,001 Yen − 100,000 Yen 1,480 Yen
100,001 Yen − 250,000 Yen 2,480 Yen
250,001 Yen − 500,000 Yen 4,480 Yen
500,001 Yen − The Maximum Remittance amount * 5,980 Yen

* The maximum limit per transaction is 10 thousand dollars. This limit may change but shall not exceed 1,000,000 yen.
* In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agent may be applied.

The current receive amount and fee amount can be viewed using the Remittance Simulation.

Deposit Fee

When making a remittance using the “Japan Post Bank Card” , “Convenience Store” , and “Deposit Card” the fees listed below will be charged in addition to the fees listed above.

Japan Post Bank Card

Deposit Amount Fee (including tax)
1 Yen − 49,999 Yen 130 Yen
50,000 Yen − 340 Yen

Convenience Store (Family Mart)

Deposit Amount Fee (including tax)
1 Yen − 29,999 Yen 350 Yen
30,000 Yen − 49,999 Yen 550 Yen
50,000 Yen − 100,000 Yen 780 Yen

Deposit Card

Deposit Amount Fee (including tax)
50,000 Yen and below 330 Yen
above 50,000 Yen 500 Yen

* Deposit Amount includes deposit fee and remittance fee.
* Customers making a bank transfer to an SBI Remit account are charged a bank transfer fee. The transfer fee may vary according to financial institution and transfer method. Please contact your bank for more details.

Remittance Cancellation Charges

If Correspondent Company is NOT EarthPort

Remittance Amount will refund
Refund fees 0 Yen

If Correspondent Company is EarthPort

Remittance Amount will not be refunded
Refund fees 2,000 Yen

* However, the deposit fees shall not be refunded
* Remittances cannot be canceled after the recipient has received the remitted amount
* Please be aware that Remittance Cancellation Bank Account remittance and SMARTMONEY remittance to Philippines

Disbursement Charges

The following charges apply when:

  • SBI Remit transfers funds to members' bank accounts
  • members withdraw funds from SBI Remit reserve accounts

Financial institution Amount of disbursement Disbursement charge (including tax)
Sumishin Net Bank Less than 30,000 Yen 51 Yen
30,000 Yen and higher 51 Yen
Others Less than 30,000 Yen 165 Yen
30,000 Yen and higher 258 Yen

* Disbursement charge by banks is deducted from the withdrawal amount requested. For example, if the request is for a 50,000yen transfer to a Mizuho Bank account, 49,742yen (50,000yen - 258yen ) will be transferred into the designated bank account of the member.
* If the balance of the remittance reserve account is less than the bank transfer charge, it will not be charged.

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Exchange Rates
2015/03/31 13:00:00
1 USD = 121.47 Yen
1 Yen = 0.368178 PHP
10,000 Yen = 510.25 RMB
* Above rate is the rate provided for your reference.
The maximum limit per transaction
1,000,000 Yen
Countries with Remittance Restrictions


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Notification of destination countries

Certain agents have resumed operation.

Due to political unrest in the country of Egypt, receivers may experience a delay in the receipt of funds.

Due to new regulations regarding Argentina's new currency policy, The receive amount might be limited to local currency.

Due to political unrest in Mali, some locations may be temporary or permanently closed.

Due to political unrest in Tunisia, some locations may be temporary or permanently closed.

May we suggest you to consult with your recipients prior to your remittance to above countries.

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