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About Account Deposit: MOST BANKS

[Account Deposit MOST BANKS] is a Service which allows you to remit directly to your Recipients bank account.
After the Reference Number has been issued, it usually takes 1 - 2 banking days for the money to be transferred in to the Recipient's bank account in Philippine peso.
Based on the Receiver Registration Number(RRN) which you have input during the Remittance Request, we will process your transaction to your Recipient's bank account so please make sure that all information is correct.

How It Works

How to get the Receiver Registration Number(RRN)

Register your Recipient's bank account and get the RRN.
You must get the RRN from the Moneygram website before you remit.
In order to get the RRN, please complete the 3 Recipient's information.

  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's bank name
  • Recipient's bank account number

To Use SBI Remit

Remittance Request

When you select the Remittance destination country and the Receive currency, you will be able to select [Account Deposit: MOST BANKS] in the mode of remittance.
Input the [Receiver Registration Number] which you got from the MoneyGram website.
* The Recipient's name you registered when you get the RRN must match with the Recipient's name when you do the Remittance Request.

WARNING! Account Deposit: MOST BANKS

If you forgot your RRN

For inquiries about RRN registered at MoneyGram website, please keep your registered details (RRN, Bank Name, Bank Act. No., etc.) so that MoneyGram Company or SBI Remit can tract your inquiries better.
If you forgot the details, please acquire the new RRN at the MoneyGram website.

If you mistakenly sent to a wrong bank account

When RRN is acquired through the MoneyGram website and made a mistake in the registration of the bank account.
Please keep your registered details (RRN, Bank Name, Bank Act. No., etc.).

Until the time of arrival

For Banco De Oro, Reference Number After Issuance, 1 Business Day
For other Banks, Reference Number After Issuance, 2 Business Days

Reference Number

Will be issued when the remittance information is sent from SBI Remit to MoneyGram.
Necessary when inquiring, please keep for reference.

Remittance Cancellation

Cancellation after the remittance is prohibited.

Participating Banks (Limited to Branches in the Philippines.)

Allied Bank
Asia Trust
Asia United Bank
Banco De Oro
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands
China Bank
Development Bank of the Philippines
East-West Bank
Land Bank
Philippine National Bank
Planters Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Security Bank
Union Bank
United Coconut Planters Bank
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Exchange Rates
2018/04/27 01:00:00
1 USD = 110.42 Yen
1 Yen = 0.472511 PHP
10,000 Yen = 572.32 RMB
* Above rate is the rate provided for your reference.The above USD exchange rate is intended for the United States, determined for each remittance destination country by the Correspondent Partner. If you would like to confirm the specific exchange rates for each remittance destination country, please see the website’s remittance simulation.
The maximum limit per transaction
1,000,000 Yen
Countries with Remittance Restrictions


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Notification of destination countries

Certain agents have resumed operation.

May we suggest you to consult with your recipients prior to your remittance to above countries.

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