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Member Registration - You must register online as a member before using SBI Remit's International Money Transfer Service -

You must register as a member before using the Remittance Service by SBI Remit. Once registered online, you will receive a “Welcome Package” in 7 days. The “Welcome Package” includes all the documents you need to make a remittance.
Use the ID name and password included in the “Welcome Package” to log in to the SBI Remit Website. The registration process will be completed once you have indicated that you agree with the Regulations on International Money Transfer Transactions.

To Qualify to Become a Member

This International Money Transfer service is available to persons who meet the following three conditions,

  • Resident of Japan, 18 years or older,
  • Holder of identification (e.g. driver's license or Resident Card or My Number Card) issued in Japan, and able to show proof of such identification,
  • Holder of an e-mail address and can access the Internet by computer or cell phone.

* SBI Remit uses Sagawa Express' "Designated Recipient Delivery Service" which requires the recipient to present official ID to receive the delivery. Customers who cannot receive deliveries between 9am and 9pm, and customers who live in areas where the Sagawa Express "Designated Recipient Delivery Service" is not offered, will not be able to register for membership. Click "Here" for a list of areas where Sagawa Express does not offer the "Designated Recipient Delivery Service" (Japanese only). Here

* If you encounter any problems while registering online or have any questions, please contact the Customer Center at
Office Hours (Weekdays) 8:00 - 22:00 (Sat,Sun,Holidays)12:00 - 21:00
(Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays and Company Designated holidays)

How to Register as a Member

1. Registering Online

Register your personal information and withdrawal details.
If you have a regular recipient(s) of your remittance in mind, please register the name and other information of the recipient(s).

2. Receiving the “Welcome Package”

A “Welcome Package” will be delivered to you by Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. You must present official ID when receiving the package.

Contents of the “Welcome Package”

  • User Name and Temporary Login Password
  • Remittance methods
  • Remit Card

* The Japan Post Bank Card is only included when you register for the service upon Membership Registration.

What is the "Designated Recipient Delivery Service"?

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. offers "Designated Recipient Delivery Service", which requires the recipient to present official ID to receive a delivery. The Official ID must be issued by the Japanese Government and official Japanese Institutions. Have one of the following ready to receive the delivery:

  • Resident Card
  • Driver's license
  • My Number Card (front)

Important Information

  • Passport cannot be used to receive the delivery

Alien Registration Card

Passport Invalidity

If you are not home when your “Welcome Package” is delivered

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. will leave you a notice for an undelivered package. Use the phone number on the notice to rearrange delivery.

Undeliverd delivery notice (Sample)

Tracking your Delivery

When a “Welcome Package” is ready to dispatch, SBI Remit will notify you via email. You will also receive a delivery tracking number to track your delivery. Follow the steps described below:

New users enter from here

Member Registration(Free)

For Corporate Users

How to terminate membership

Click here if your company would like to register with SBI Remit. Click here to learn how to terminate membership.
New users enter from here
Membership Registration(free)
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Exchange Rates
2018/04/27 01:00:00
1 USD = 110.42 Yen
1 Yen = 0.472511 PHP
10,000 Yen = 572.32 RMB
* Above rate is the rate provided for your reference.The above USD exchange rate is intended for the United States, determined for each remittance destination country by the Correspondent Partner. If you would like to confirm the specific exchange rates for each remittance destination country, please see the website’s remittance simulation.
The maximum limit per transaction
1,000,000 Yen
Countries with Remittance Restrictions


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MSG011 Every Sunday 4:00 - 7:30
Due to system maintenance, membership registration, member's site and My Number smartphone application will not be available during this period.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience.

Notification of destination countries

Certain agents have resumed operation.

May we suggest you to consult with your recipients prior to your remittance to above countries.

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