Please Submit “My Number”-Related Documents

In accordance with the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (My Number Act)” and the “Act on Submission of Statement of Overseas Wire Transfers for Purpose of Securing Proper Domestic Taxation,” since January 1, 2016 when sending overseas wire transfers in Japan the customer is required to provide their Individual Number (“My Number”) to the financial institution conducting the transaction.

Please refer to the notice below regarding submission of Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents.


What are Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents?

– A photocopy of both sides of your notification card
– A photocopy of both sides of your Individual Number Card
– A certificate of residence (must be issued within the last 3 months and display your Individual Number)

For information on how to receive your notification card or how to apply for an Individual Number Card, visit the Individual Number Card website, phone the Call Center (0120-0178-27), or contact your municipality of residence.





How to submit Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents


1.Submit via app
Documents can be submitted by the My Number Submission App provided by SBI. To get started, click on the link below and download the “My Number Submission App.”




2. Submit via post

Since January 2016 we have sent customers who have submitted new applications a welcome pack delivered by Sagawa Express, containing a blue-colored envelope for submitting Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents. Please send your printed documents using this envelope.
If you have lost this blue-colored envelope, please click the link provided below, print out the envelope, and send us your printed documents.

>>>Print postage paid envelope here


*If we do not receive your Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents, we may be required to place restrictions on your transactions in certain cases.
*SBI will not use or provide Individual Numbers (“My Numbers”) to third parties for any purpose other than those defined by law.
*If we are not able to accept your registration, including cancellations, any Individual Number (“My Number”)-related documents you have provided will not be returned. However, please be assured that any such documents will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
*We are unable to accept certificates of residence which list the Individual Numbers (“My Numbers”) of all household members. If we receive certificates of residence which list the Individual Numbers (“My Numbers”) of all household members, we will unfortunately be required to shred them and ask you to re-submit a document showing only your own Individual Number (“My Number”). Please take care to observe this point when submitting.