About the SBI Group

About the SBI Group

The SBI Group has achieved dramatic growth centered around its three major businesses: the Financial Services Business, which includes online securities, banking, and insurance; the Asset Management Business, which primarily invests in venture companies; and the Biotechnology, Healthcare and Medical Informatics Business, which develops and markets pharmaceuticals, health foods, and cosmetics, as well as research and development of new drugs.


Currently, the SBI Group has shifted to the five businesses: “Financial Services Business,” “Investment Business,” “Asset Management Business,” “Crypto-asset Business,” and ” Next Gen Business”.

The SBI Group’s Management Philosophies

Sound Ethical Values

We shall undertake judgments on actions based not only on whether they conform to the law or profit the Company, but also whether they are socially equitable.

Financial Innovator

We will transcend traditional methods and bring financial innovations to the forefront of the financial industry, by utilizing opportunities provided by the powerful price-cutting forces of the Internet and providing financial services that further enhance customer benefits.

New Industry Creator

We will endeavor to become the leader in creating and cultivating the core industries of the 21st century.

Continual Self-Evolution

We will continue selfevolution to flexibly adapt to changes in the operating environment through “Ingenuity” and “Self-transformation.”

Fulfill Social Responsibility

We will ensure that each company in the SBI Group recognizes its social responsibilities as a member of society, while fulfilling the demands of its stakeholders, and contributing to the betterment of society.