Using Our Services (Individual Customers)

  • Service process
  • Illustration of usage

1 Register for Membership (free of charge)

After you apply for membership, you will receive a Welcome Pack via courier within a week. This will contain the documents required to use our services. The Welcome Pack can only be delivered to the individual who applied for membership. Use the temporary login and password contained in the Welcome Pack to log in to the members’ site. Once you have accepted our terms and conditions, your membership registration will be completed.

*Note, you will not be able to use our service unless you accept the terms and conditions.

■ Identity verification is required to receive the welcome package. We use Sagawa Express’s “Recipient Verification Support” to verify your identity.

■ Sagawa Express will check if the name and address on the invoice matches your ID. Since our invoice has your name written in English / Roman letters, please show your ID (residence card issued by the Government of Japan) that can confirm your name in English / Roman letters.

■ Please note that Sagawa Express may not hand-out/release the Welcome package if the name and address on the residence card ID does not matches the name and address on the invoice.

■ Depending on the region, delivery by “Recipient Confirmation Support” may not be possible.


■ What is Identity Verification

Japan issued ID with photo

  ○Driver’s License

  ○Residence Card

  ○My Number Card (front side)


○Driver’s License

○Residence Card

○My Number Card (front side)


If your residence card is written in kanji, you may be required to present your passport in addition to the above identification card in order to confirm the English notation of your name.

The Notification Card cannot be used for identity verification in Sagawa Express「”Recipient Verification Delivery Service”」. Please be careful.


  • Step1

    Apply for registration

  • Step2

    Welcome Pack

  • Step3

    Initial login

  • Registration Completed Service is available from the next business day

*Depending on the region, “support to confirm the recipient” may not be available.

2 Remittance Request

After login, you can request a remittance from the International Remittance menu (you will first need to deposit funds in your reserve account). Once you register the recipient information, you will be able to send money using the Remit Card or the Furikomi Remittance Service.

3 Issue of Reference Number

Once the remittance request has been received, the Reference Number screen will appear.
A Reference Number will be sent to your registered e-mail address and by SMS.
Check your email if you have sent money using the Remit Card, Furikomi Remittance Service or Convenience Store Remittance Service.

Example of SMS notification of Reference Number


RN : Reference Number
AMOUNT:Amount to be received
NAME: Name of the recipient (first name only)
RATE: conversion rate

4 Transaction

  • Cash pick-up

    The recipient can pick up the remittance in cash at a MoneyGram office in the specified country by presenting the Reference Number and personal ID.

  • Transfer to bank account

    Check that the funds have been credited to your specified bank account.
    Note that the amount of time required for funds to arrive will differ depending on the receiving country and the remittance method.

Remittances for living expenses/educational expenses

  • Send money for living expenses to family and relatives living overseas.
  • Send money for living expenses and educational expenses to children studying overseas.
  • Remittance certificates are issued free of charge, which is required to apply for dependents’ tax deductions.
  • Recipients can pick up funds in cash at the closest agent even without a local bank account.

Payment for goods

  • Purchase goods sold abroad
  • Reasonably priced services, even for small remittance amounts.
  • Send money from home. No need to go to the bank.

Sending funds to yourself

  • Receive funds while abroad to pay for travel expenses during a business trip.
  • Receive funds while abroad to pay for travel costs while on personal travel.
  • Remit money via the internet to yourself while abroad.
  • Recipients can pick up funds in cash from the closest agent even without a local bank account.