List of countries / regions where remittance is not permitted, or are subject to restrictions

Due to a rapid increase in illegal remittances to certain countries, members are asked to contact SBI Remit’s customer support center if they wish to request remittances to the countries listed below, as we will need to carry out preliminary investigations for funds being remitted to these countries.

Countries where remittances are not permitted

  • ・ North Korea
  • ・ Iran

Pursuant to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, we are unable to remit funds to the two countries mentioned above.

Countries that may require approval

  • ・ Russian Federation
  • ・ Belarus
  • ・ Moldova
  • ・ Latvia
  • ・ Ukraine
  • ・ Ghana
  • ・ Turkey
  • ・ Nigeria
  • ・ Poland
  • ・ Greece
  • ・ Georgia
・Tajikistan (Acceptance has been suspended)


When sending money to one of these countries, SBI Remit will reconfirm the purpose of the remittance, even if you have already registered it as a remittance destination.
This is to ensure our members do not inadvertently become involved in criminal activity.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.