Features of our service

Features of our service

1 International remittance fees from ¥460~ Open Close

Using the Internet as our main channel allows us to automate and economize our operations for maximum efficiency.
This means we can offer the industry’s lowest fees for international remittance.

Example: Vietnam

Amount Fees
1 yen – 50,000 yen 460 yen
50,001 yen – 100,000 yen 760 yen
100,001 yen – 300,000 yen 980 yen
300,001 yen – maximum amount* 1,760 yen

Example: Philippines

Amount Fees
1 yen -10,000 yen 480 yen
10,001 yen – 20,000 yen 720 yen
20,001 yen – 30,000 yen 800 yen
30,001 yen – 50,000 yen 1,000 yen
50,001 yen – 200,000 yen 1,400 yen
200,001 yen – maximum amount* 1,500 yen
  • The maximum amount for a single remittance is the equivalent of 10,000 USD. Note that this cannot exceed 1,000,000 yen.
  • Please refer to the ‘fees section’ for overseas remittance rates to countries other than those mentioned above.
  • Other transfer fees and deposit fees may be payable depending on the remittance method.
  • There are no additional fees payable at the time of pick-up. However, depending on the receiving country, local taxes or similar may be imposed.
  • As a general rule, the exchange rate is set when the remittance contract is established, based on the exchange rate set by MoneyGram. This is the rate used to convert the remittance to the currency in which it is received.

2 Easy & Convenient Open Close

Remittance requests can easily be made via the Internet, at an ATM or through a convenience store agent.
Funds can be received in a minimum of 10 minutes with our cash pick-up service, which does not require a bank account.

Overseas remittance process – using the Internet (cash pick-up)

  • Step 1

    Depositing funds

    Deposit funds into your reserve account using Internet banking, etc.

  • Step 2

    Remittance request

    Place a remittance request (including the receiving country and name, etc.) from the members’ site.

  • Step 3

    Issue of RN

    Once the request has been checked, we will send you an e-mail with a reference number(RN).

  • Step 4

    Local pick-up

    Personal ID and the reference number are needed to pick up funds at the local MoneyGram office.

Convenient remittance methods

3 Extensive international network Open Close

SBI Remit has alliances with various money transfer companies and banks, including MoneyGram, with a remittance network that stretches across more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

4 Multiple currencies and remittance methods Open Close

There are 2 types of receiving methods: cash pick-up or bank transfer.
Cash pick-up allows the recipient to collect the transfer in cash at one of MoneyGram’s affiliated offices.

Receiving method and currency


Name of Receiving Country Cash pick-up Bank transfer
Vietnam US dollars (USD) Vietnamese Dong (VND)
Philippines Peso (PHP)
US dollars (USD)
Peso (PHP)
For any other countries, see here

5 Multilingual customer support Open Close

SBI Remit employs a large number of native speakers (predominantly from countries in South East Asia) and is able to offer support in Japanese and many other languages.

Support in various languages