Now SBI Remit customers can receive money at Wing agents in Cambodia !

Thank you for trusting SBI Remit.


We are pleased to inform you that MoneyGram has added Wing as their receive agent in addition to their existing receive agents namely: Canadia Bank, ABA Bank and Cambodia Commercial Bank.

Now you can use MoneyGram 8-digit code to receive money at any Wing agents that have MoneyGram logo.


Important Notes:

  1. 1- You have to bring your ID card along with your MoneyGram 8-digit code (Reference Number) to Wing agent to fill in the receive form.
  2. 2- Maximum receive amount per transaction is 5,000USD.
  3. 3- You can use MoneyGram 8-digit code (Reference Number) to receive cash from Wing locations with MoneyGram logo only. Currently, there are over 4,000 such locations.



For inquiry, please contact SBI Remit customer support center

Telephone number: 03-5652-6759 (in Japanese)

Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (Weekdays)

10:00-18:00 (Weekends and Holidays)

*New year’s holidays and company’s internal holidays might affect the schedule.



 For support in Khmer, please contact us by our official Facebook page with the link below:
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