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Currencies Available

Brazilian Real(BRL)

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Cash Pick-Up

Currencies Available

Brazilian Real(BRL)

Receiving Funds

SBI Remit has rolled out its cash pick-up service through MoneyGram’s existing network.
Remitted funds are received in approximately 10 minutes* from transfer via MoneyGram’s affiliate offices.
*It may take from a few hours up to two days or so, depending on the remittance method and the business hours/handling conditions of the overseas affiliate office.


Recipients can pick up cash at their nearest agent, even if they don’t have a bank account.

Main Pick-up Points in Brazil

For Japan Post Furikae Haraikomi Card users

Pay using a separate Japan Post Furikae Haraikomi Card for each recipient from a Japan Post Bank ATM or over the counter.
See below for details on how to use ATMs.