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Can remittances be used to pay for on-line gaming and gambling?

Our services cannot be used for the following purposes:
・To send money to buy foreign-issued lottery tickets within Japan
・To send money for gambling purposes such as on-line casinos, etc.
・To send money for illegal transactions such as the purchase of drugs, stimulants, handguns, or counterfeit goods, etc.
・To send money for the purchase of prohibited imports such as literature that poses a threat to public security and customs
・To send money for the purchase of rare animal and plant life, and processed goods, etc. as prohibited under the Washington Convention and similar.
・To send money for other purposes deemed inappropriate

In addition, when money is sent for commercial transactions, the regulations of the receiving country are also applicable.
For specifics, please see “Mode of remittance, Country/Agent Restrictions” shown on the screen for remittance requests, etc.

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