FAQ (About opening an SBI Remit NEOBANK account)

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Are there any application requirements for SBI Remit NEOBANK?

To apply for SBI Remit NEOBANK, you must meet the following conditions. In addition, for actual use, you need to install “SBI Remit”, the smartphone application provided by SBI Remit.


  • Individual customers 18 years of age or older
  • ・Residents of Japan under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and Income Tax Act
  • ・Customers whose tax payment country is “Japan only” under the Act on Special Provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Corporation Tax Act and the Local Tax Act Incidental to Enforcement of Tax Treaties
  • ・Technical intern trainees belonging to a supervisory organization represented by SBI Remit at the time of account opening
  • ・Service members of SBI Remit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, SBI Remit)


*One person can have one account only in an SBI Remit branch.

*Holding multiple accounts at other branches of SBI Sumishin Net Bank are not allowed.

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