Basic Policy on Organized Crime

SBI Remit Co., Ltd.

The Company has established the ‘Basic Policy on Organized Crime’ listed below in order to secure social order and safety. The Company shall ensure that these policies are thoroughly implemented.

  • 1. The Company shall block all relationships with any organized crime related parties, including business transactions.
  • 2. Members of the SBI Remit management team, such as directors, shall be appropriately involved in dealing with any improper demands made by organized crime and related parties and, together with the organization as a whole, shall act to ensure the safety of those officials and employees whom deal with the issue.
  • 3. To allow the Company to prepare for improper demands that may be made by organized crime, the Company plans to strengthen close collaborative ties it maintains with the police and external experts such as lawyers as part of usual business.
  • 4. The Company shall not respond to any improper demands made by organized crime and shall be resolute in responding in a legal manner.
  • 5. The Company shall not, for any reason whatsoever, undertake any backroom deals with organized crime for the purpose of concealing the circumstances.
  • 6. The Company shall never provide funding for organized crime.