Handling of Personal Information

SBI Remit shall publish the following matters, pursuant to the ‘Act on the Protection of Personal Information’ and related legislation (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Legislation”).

1. Matters concerning the publication of the intended use of personal information

SBI Remit shall use any personal information on customers, obtained either directly or indirectly, to the degree required to fulfill the intended uses as described below.
Note that when the Company acquires personal information directly from the customer in writing, the Company shall clearly indicate its intended use in advance.
Furthermore, as well as definitively specifying the intended use so that customers can clearly understand it, the Company shall also endeavor to limit intended use according to the circumstances under which information is obtained; for example, responses to various questionnaires are used for the purpose of aggregating statistics.

List of intended uses

  • 1.1. To register members for international remittance services and provide services;
  • 1.2. To confirm the identity of an individual and to confirm an individual is eligible to use the Company’s services pursuant to the Act on the Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, the Foreign Exchange Act, the Act on the Submission of Statements of Overseas Wire Transfers for the Purpose of Securing Proper Domestic Taxation, and other relevant laws and regulations;
  • 1.3. To properly execute any services concerning the processing (either in part or in full) of personal information outsourced to the Company by another business operator;
  • 1.4. To exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on contracts with the Company’s customers and relevant laws and regulations;
  • 1.5. To research and develop the Company’s services by carrying out market surveys, along with data analysis and questionnaires;
  • 1.6. To inform Customers of services, through direct mailing or similar means;
  • 1.7. To inform Customers of products and services from affiliated companies or similar entities;
  • 1.8. To cancel transactions and carry out administrative affairs after cancellation; and
  • 1.9. To otherwise carry out transactions with customers in an appropriate and unhindered manner.

Note that where the intended use of specific personal information is restricted by law, it shall not be used for any purpose other than the intended use stipulated.Specifically, this is as follows.

Pursuant to Article 26 of the Cabinet Ordinance on Fund Transfer Service Providers, Fund Transfer Service Providers shall appropriately secure the operation of their services and shall neither use nor provide to third parties information on personal users of their fund transfer business for any purpose other than that deemed necessary; note that this includes information on race, creed, family origin, domicile, health and medical status, and criminal records, as well as other special nonpublic information handled by the providers (i.e. other information made known through the course of business that is not in the public domain).

Pursuant to the Act on the Utilization of Numbers to Identify Specific Persons in Administrative Procedures, SBI Remit does not acquire, use or provide to third parties the customers’ personal ID numbers, or personal information that includes such personal ID numbers, for any purpose other than the intended use approved under the same Act.

2. Proper acquisition of personal information

SBI Remit shall appropriately acquire personal information on its customers.
For example, the company may collect personal information from the following sources.

Examples of sources used to collect information
Sources where information is provided directly by the customer, such as SBI Remit’s website where customers enter their data, as well as written documentation filled in and submitted by customers, such as application forms for membership registration, etc.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

SBI Remit shall not provide any personal information it holds to a third party without the customer’s consent except where services are outsourced, where information is provided in connection with business successions resulting from a merger or some other reason, where information is jointly used, and in cases listed below:

  • 3.1. where there are legal or regulatory grounds;
  • 3.2. where it is necessary for the protection of human life, persons or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent from the individual concerned;
  • 3.3. where it is especially required to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children and it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual concerned;
  • 3.4. where it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, a local government body or their consignee in the execution of legal or regulatory affairs, and where the execution of such affairs would be hindered, or risk being hindered, if consent were obtained from the individual concerned.

Note that when services are outsourced, the Company shall enter into an agreement with the contractor to ensure personal information is handled strictly in keeping with SBI Remit’s standards and the Company ensures that appropriate preventative measures are in place.

For example, SBI Remit outsources the handling of personal information with respect to the following administrative tasks.

Examples of outsourced administrative tasks
work related to the shipping of procedural documents;
work related to the shipping of direct mail;
services related to systems operation and maintenance; and
operations related to the delivery of the Company’s overseas remittances services.

4. Shared use of personal information

SBI Remit may share use of personal information described in item 4.1 below with the parties listed in item 4.2. However, the personal information concerning applicants for employment described in item 4.1.d. shall only be used for the purpose described in item 4.3.e. Furthermore, the Company shall comply with restrictions on the shared use of information pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Insurance Business Act, and other related laws and regulations, and handle personal information in accordance with these laws.

4.1. Items of personal information that may be shared are as follows:

  • 4.1.a. name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, information on transaction needs, information in the public domain, and information on other personal attributes;
  • 4.1.b. transaction records, points data, various types of products and services, etc. that the customer has traded, other information on transactions;
  • 4.1.c. information required for transaction management such as administrative numbers, including customer numbers and transaction numbers, etc.; and
  • 4.1.d. information on individuals applying for employment at SBI group companies, including their name, gender, e-mail address, date of birth, address, phone number, academic background, employment history, aspirations and motivations, and similar information.

4.2. Scope of users sharing the information

Information listed in 4.1 may be shared with SBI Group companies listed on the website below (hereinafter referred to as “SBI Group Companies”). Note that the users entitled to share information may be changed at the Company’s discretion.


4.3. Intended use of sharing information

  • The information in 4.1 is shared for intended uses as follows:
    4.3.a. User-friendliness of services offered by SBI Group companies
    To improve user-friendliness during login, and user authentication after logging in, and to display customer information automatically on various pages when using the Services as a registered customer of SBI Group companies.
  • 4.3.b. Services necessary to deliver goods
    To execute duties required to deliver products, provide services, settle payments, deal with customer inquiries, deal with inquiries from SBI Group companies, provide associated after-sales services, and carry out other transactions where an application is made to reserve, purchase or award a product or service or another transaction from an SBI Group company.
  • 4.3.c. Advertising and marketing for SBI Group Companies
    • ・ To provide information from SBI Group Companies through e-mail magazines or similar communication.
    • ・ To provide information on SBI Group Company services via e-mail, postal mail, telephone or similar means.
    • ・ To provide advertisements and content offered by SBI Group Companies in line with personal attributes such as gender, age, location of residence, hobbies and interests, as well as purchase history and browsing history from websites operated by SBI Group Companies or similar entities.
    • ・ To develop new services and improve existing ones by analyzing the use of SBI Group Company services.
    • ・ To contact applicants in relation to questionnaires, campaigns, prize draws and the shipment of prizes.
  • 4.3.d. Responding to enquiries
    To respond to enquiries made to SBI Group Company via e-mail, postal mail or telephone.
  • 4.3.e. Recruitment and talent acquisition
    Personal information including curriculum vitae and job history statements submitted to apply for a position at an SBI Group company shall be used for the purpose of talent acquisition activities at the SBI Group company.
  • 4.3.f. Other duties
    In addition to 4.3.a. to 4.3.e above, as required for the provision of SBI Group company services.
  • 4.3.g. Miscellaneous
    The Company may use personal information for services provided by SBI Group Companies for purposes other than those described in 4.3.a through 4.3.f above. In such cases, a notification shall be posted on the website in regards to the service in question.

4.4. The name of the party responsible for managing personal information
The name of the party responsible for managing personal information is SBI Holdings, Inc.

4.5. Inquiries on the shared use of information
Any inquires on the shared use of information should be addressed to the General Affairs & Human Resources Department of SBI Holdings, Inc.
Phone: 03-6229-0100 (Rep)

5. Procedures to cancel direct marketing

SBI Remit shall take prompt measures to cancel the use and provision of direct marketing materials if a customers requests cancellation as described below. Note that this shall not apply to information on deadlines and any enclosures which are sent to all customers with no limitations.

For details on cancellation procedures
Requests should be made to the Customer Support Center as detailed below.

6. Procedures for the disclosure of personal data held

SBI Remit shall respond in the following manner to requests from an individual (or their agent) for personal data held by the Company to be disclosed and related enquiries.
Once the Company has confirmed the identity of the individual (or the agent) using the method described below, the Company shall respond with details of the procedure through the exchange of written documents, or another method. Note that, depending on the content of the request, the Company may ask you to submit the request using a form prescribed by the Company.

Making a request
Requests from an individual (or their agent) for the disclosure of personal data held by the Company should be made using the form prescribed by the Company. Once it has been filled in, the form should be sent by post to the Customer Support Center together with personal identification documents.

Confirming the identity of the individual or the agent
In the event of a request from an individual, the Company shall check their identity from a driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, or a certified document such as a seal registration certificate (note that any such document must be currently valid, or have been issued within the past three months). The Company shall place a call back to the telephone number registered with SBI Remit and confirm the individual’s identity by checking registered information, including name, address and telephone number.
In case of a request from an agent, the Company shall confirm the agent’s power of attorney and the seal registration certificate proving that the seal stamped on the letter of attorney belongs to the agent. The Company shall also contact the individual via telephone to confirm the agent’s identity.

The Company does not charge Customers any fees for the disclosure of personal data held by the Company. However, the Customer shall be responsible for any expenses related to communications from the Customer to SBI Remit, any transportation expenses, and any expenses incurred by the Customer in the preparation of materials required for personal identification as per the previous clause.

Once procedures are complete, the Company’s written response shall be sent by post.
Note that the procedures normally take about two weeks.

7. SBI Remit’s help desks

Any enquiries, discussions or complaints on the handling of personal information should be directed to the help desks listed below.

SBI Remit Co., Ltd. – Customer Support Center:
Press 4 for Japanese / 1 for Tagalog / 2 for Chinese / 3 for English

4 for Japanese / 2 for Chinese
Opening Hours:
weekdays 09:00-18:00
weekends and national holidays 10:00-18:00

1 for Tagalog / 3 for English
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 08:00-22:00
weekends and national holidays 12:00-21:00
(apart from New Year and holidays specified by the company)

8. Cookies

SBI Remit uses the technology known as cookies on some of its webpages to allow the Company’s customers more convenient use of the site. The Company uses cookies to allow the Company’s website to identify a customer’s computer and retain information for when the customer later returns to the Company’s site. The Company never uses cookies to acquire personal information on customers.

9. Use of information on personal attributes provided by Google Inc.

SBI Remit uses Google Analytics-a service provided by Google Inc. that analyzes access to websites—in order to improve the quality of the Company’s services and convenience for the Company’s customers. The Company uses this to collect information on the pages viewed by visitors to the Company’s website, without personally identifying them.
In addition, the Company uses an additional feature of Google Analytics to obtain the following information (hereinafter referred to as “attribute information”) from Google Inc.

Information on customer attributes (age/gender), interests and concerns that are statistically inferred from a customer’s use of Google’s advertising services and browsing history.

*Customers can visit Google Inc.’s Ad Settings to change the attribute information statistically inferred by Google Inc.
*Attribute information that the Company obtains from Google Inc. never includes information that identifies individuals.
*Attribute information is not acquired if the Customer does not use Google Inc.’s advertisement services.

SBI Remit and third party distributors (including Google Inc.) use first party cookies (such as Google Analytics Cookies) and other first party identifications and third party cookies (such as DoubleClick Cookies), or a combination of other third party identifications to analyze the attributes, interests and concerns of users visiting the Company’s website. The Company also acquires data on the customers’ advertisement browsing, click history and use of non-SBI Group websites to use in the distribution of advertisements by group companies.

If you do not want SBI Remit to be able to access attribute information through the use of Google Analytics, then please follow the URL below to opt out.